Monday, September 25, 2017

About 2BReal

2BReal is an online magazine and PR agency that inspires informs and edifies with the latest in Christian lifestyle, music, news, and events.


The magazine publishes real content for faith believers worldwide. With over 2.2 billion Christians in the world and counting, the many beliefs that have been birthed from the Bible and the following of Jesus Christ has created a plethora of denominations. And so, we offer on this platform to create unity within the community to publish diverse content to educate inform and inspire others.


2BReal Public Relations is the urban faith-based media agency that is here to help the millennials take their product, services, and businesses to their desired audience. Our public relations services can be combined as a brand management package for an ongoing campaign or can be offered as one-off services. We work with faith-based and mainstream clients that have included the likes of BOLD, Lotto Boyz, Juanita Francis, Saltlight Group, Travis Greene and Volney Morgan & New Ye.

About Natasha

Founding editor and journalist Natasha Ferguson birthed 2BRealMagazine in 2014. In answering the call from God to build a bridge in 2013, the mission to fulfil His purpose through her passion has become the driving force in living out her destiny.


Initially starting her career over eight years ago as an entertainment blogger in the mainstream industry, her content attracted over a quarter of a million visitors under two years.

Understanding the importance of delivering the truth to news and information, her experience over the years saw her work within advertising,  PR, and journalism which spanned across online websites and projects for the likes of Beyoncé, Clash magazine, and Glastonbury Festival. Not to mention her collection of interviews which include the likes of  Prince, The Marley family, Bashy, Chrisette Michelle and much more.

“You have to believe that what God has entrusted you to fulfil is enough for a lifetime. Because the reality is, what He placed inside you, what you have seen is just the beginning of it all.”


Our Mission

2BReal aims to face what this generation needs. A voice, platform and place where no situation is unheard of. We want to challenge the mindset of the believer and those that want to know more about Jesus, in that they can find what they need here at 2BReal. Through diverse content published, we aim to deliver the tools our readers need to go out and live the purpose-filled life that they are destined to live.

To spread the Good News is one thing. To help people grow and become confident and bold in walking with God for the rest of their lives is our mission. We pray that while discovering all He has in store for all, it will clarify the vision for passion, which will birth your purpose.