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The Modern Day Adam & Eve Web Series

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The Modern Day Adam & Eve Web Series

When it comes to Bible, it holds some of some of the greatest stories ever written and passed down through our generations.

Each story and character have taken us back into time and allowed us to re-live what took place in a time where God’s known presence was recognised. Throughout the land, there was those who believed and those who didn’t believe. Pretty much like today’s world.

So in 2015, who would have thought of adapting the first story of the Bible? The adaption of Adam & Eve produced and directed by Visions Inc felt the importance to recreate the first love story found in the biblical Book of Genesis.

Set in a time where the concept of an apple has evolved from fruit to technology, the temptation in the hand of the beholder remains the same. With one simple bite, we witness young love deflate to lust, the fall of man, the beginning of the end.


The written and directed production brought together by Oliver Greaves and co-produced by Jeffrey Boateng & Natasha Rosetta Joseph saw unfold an engaging, exhilarating and thought-provoking unfolding web series story that you can watch in its entirety below.


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