Monday, September 25, 2017
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Lady T

Lady T is back with another one! Kand!d with Lady-T is a bi-weekly podcast for having


Libertatem which is the Latin word for freedom is back with a brand new video.

The Redefined pastors are back with a brand new webisode titled "God didn't send this".

In a world where Christianity is looked upon as a religion and a movement where when

Redefined TV is back with another webisode full of wisdom for the Godly man and

Libertatem TV is a Christian health and wellness YouTube channel where through in-depth teachings and personal

In a new series that  Bishop TD Jakes has started at his sons church Pastor

We love David Hernandez and his teachings at Encounter TV. On this episode of Spirit Church, David

The Girl Defined sisters are back with some wisdom to share for all single Christian

Pastor Steven Furtick and Bishop TD Jakes discuss bridging the cultural gap in church and

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