Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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clayton jennings

Evangelist, author, and poet Clayton Jennings revamped his "50 Shades of Grace" YouTube video by


You can't desire Kingdom and settle. The Kingdom relationship will be a transportation system, not

The Redefined team are back with a new video titled "When He Purses". In this

We are loving the ten minutes sessions with US Gospel recording artist Tina from Mary

When it comes to love and life, meeting courting and dating someone with purpose requires

"What If I Never Get Married"? The Redefined TV pastors flip the perspective of marriage

We love these two! Teddy and Tina have begun a four part discussion of life, love,

We love when practicality and spirituality meet and bring to us a reality we can

 Never let you go   Funny how we both End up here, reminded of times, days I fought

Dr Myles Munroe was one of the most intellectual and acute men of God this

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