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Find Your Niche. Start A Blog And Be The Go To Person

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Tobi Oredein

Find Your Niche. Start A Blog And Be The Go To Person

Here at 2BReal, we are all about analyzing trends in what’s taking place in the Kingdom.

The Christian Entrepreneur series recognises men and women with Kingdom faith and principles, creating new businesses, organizations, and charities for the culture, and we wanted to take time out to celebrate the movement taking place in the UK.

This platform was birthed to celebrate great content, great people and great businesses that are representing the Christian faith loud and proud. We pray that this series will be an inspiration to our readers not just here in the UK, but around the world and that the people’s lives will touch hearts, speak passion to birth purpose to everyone.


Up next on our Christian Entrepreneur series is Tobi Oredein the founding editor of Black Ballad. This faith editing female journalist started Black Ballad in 2014. I was able to speak with the Ted Talk and BET Black Women Rock editor on all things business and faith.


2BReal: How did you get your current job?

TO: I created it, lol.


2BReal: Why was it important for you to start your brand?

TO: I felt that there was nothing out there that really spoke to black women in a way that wasn’t dated or wasn’t inauthentic.


2BReal: How has your journey as an entrepreneur developed you as a person?

TO: It has forced me out of my comfort zone in more ways than one for a start. I used to hate social media, but I use it more than ever because of my job. Also, I’m not shy at all, but I am someone who can be in a room and feel comfortable not talking to a soul, Black Ballad has definitely changed that.


2BReal: As a black woman of faith working in the media before Black Ballad, what was happening in the UK industry that ignited the need for you to leave?

TO: I haven’t left the media industry, I still freelance. I will say that I just couldn’t get through, no one wanted to give me a chance. I always say I had to walk the outside lane (creating my own media business) to even be acknowledged or embraced by the media industry.


2BReal: What has been the challenge in building a platform that hasn’t been created before?

TO: The lack of money can be extremely tough. However, the lack of time is the biggest challenge. Black Ballad isn’t a full-time job it a 24/7 job.


2BReal: Since the launch of Black Ballad, what has been the most encouraging moment of you building your platform for Black British women?

TO: The crowdfund. It was going so slow at the start and I remember being in church and someone said to me black women will never pay for the idea. It was so demoralizing and then God came through. When we hit the target, I wept. I got on my knees and gave God praise through snot and tears. Lol.


2BReal: What would you have appreciated more of in the beginning stages of creating Black Ballad?

TO: Not taking things personally. I now know better than most, that everyone is busy. Sometimes people miss emails- it’s ok.


2BReal: As a Christian, how does being an entrepreneur in today’s world enhance and impact your influence?

TO: I think being a Christian entrepreneur, I’m always thinking impact. Are my actions glorifying God? Yes, not every piece of content talks about faith, how do I treat people who work/freelance for Black Ballad.


2BReal: For some who may be wanting to break into the media industry, what would be your advice for them starting out?

TO: I would say find your niche. Start a blog and find a topic that you can be the go-to-person. If you want to start a fashion blog write about fashion, but maybe 5 of your 10 monthly uploads has a focus on sustainable fashion because of your niche.


2BReal: As a woman of God, a black influence in media and female entrepreneur, what is your favourite scripture that gives you comfort, confidence, and composure?

TO: Jeremiah 29:11- without a doubt. For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans for good not evil to give you a hope and a future.

All the job rejections have led to Black Ballad and Black Ballad has led to public speaking, mentoring young black women, an award nomination, a Ted Talk, and a BET advert this year. When I cried at not getting jobs, God knows his plans. If I was a journalist working in the mainstream this wouldn’t be happening. God knows best.


For more on how to subscribe to Black Ballad and be a part of engaging in content for Black British Women be sure to click through to check out the website. 

Be sure to follow Black Ballad on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook also.

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