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You Can’t Be Concealed Forever

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You Can’t Be Concealed Forever

Concealed is an exciting new British drama exploring life issues surrounding faith, love, and friendship, from a refreshingly honest worldview.


The web series premiered on YouTube last month and has already had our blessing and seal of approval. Backed by an excellent crop of emerging British actors, and a  captivating storyline, the 7-part series is a want more series.


Speaking about the inspiration for Concealed, show creator and writer Sandra Koree said,

The show sheds light on the issues that many young adults just like me, are facing today. I wrote this because there are tons of web and TV series out there, but none that connect to me as a young Christian woman. ‘Concealed’ explores the endless moral dilemmas faced by so many of us – Love or lust?  My flesh or my spirit?  My way or God’s way?


This series for us was highly executed in production and creativity,  through delivering storylines that reflect a reality for many believers who may be dealing with issues in friendships as well as relationships.


Currently in the works is the second season, so please be sure to let us know your thoughts of the web series below.



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