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Darrel MusiqCity Walls “You Are My Strength” Rendition

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darrel musiqcity walls

Darrel MusiqCity Walls “You Are My Strength” Rendition

“You Are My Strength” is a worship song that is sung in many different languages.


1/4 of The Walls Group, Darrel MusiqCity Walls took this beautiful track and put his reflection of what this song means to him. And for us, it was just perfect.

Worship for us all around the world has a powerful impact when we find songs that resonate with us personally. And for the American artist, this song allowed him to share what it means to him to us. When the words are able to overcome you, where being in the presence of God takes you to a place where you can serenade the Lord with your heart through the words. This rendition is one for the records.

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