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Don’t Let Pass Withdrawals Have You Miss Your Future

  /  Lifestyle   /  Don’t Let Pass Withdrawals Have You Miss Your Future

Don’t Let Pass Withdrawals Have You Miss Your Future

What do you do when you miss them or miss it and you’re considering going back?


When it comes to finally getting out of that relationship your free! Liberated and in a place where you can hear from God and get back to that place that has you feeling good.


And then it happens.


Whether you’re caught lurking on social media, or you haven’t deleted all the text messages between you and your ex, or even the weather gets you feeling some type of way, bloop it happens.


The feelings.

The calls.

The messages.


Those memories come flooding back in. Wondering if you did the right thing. Expecting that phone call that he or she has changed and let’s try it again.


What do you do when those withdrawals feelings come into play. Let’s talk about it because it is possible to have relational withdrawals.

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