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Don’t Wake Love Before It’s Time

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redefined tv

Don’t Wake Love Before It’s Time

When you come across great men and women of God that represent partnerships and marriages it’s exciting.


Don’t Wake Love Before It’s Time is the latest webisode from the Redefined team. Whether single or in a relationship it is important for us to remember that in all things when we are obedient to God and His word, He will meet us with our hearts desires as they will be rooted from His desire and will for our lives.


With that being said, we wanted to celebrate, recognise and share the ministry of Redefined TV. These American servants of God, have been called to evangelise to the world about how God views us, relationships and redefining how to walk into them, deal with them, and successfully live a life in them righteously.


This is just one of their mini exultations that they give on their YouTube channel. What we want you to do is head over there, pick the one that is of most interest to you, then from there continue to be drawn in by the dynamic duo who keep the Word of God relevant, respectful and real. And you know with us here at 2BReal, this is what it’s all about.




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