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How To Break Sexual Soul Ties With Your Ex

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libertatem tv

How To Break Sexual Soul Ties With Your Ex

Libertatem TV is a Christian health and wellness YouTube channel.


When it comes to pass relationships as much as we would like to think that we are over them after the phone number deleted, we slowly begin to realise there are so much more layers to be shed. And when you become honest with yourself from a sexual point of view, the only way a soul tie will break is when you want destiny more than the past.


Libertatem TV is a platform where through in-depth teachings and personal testimonials, the webisodes explore the issues that can limit your ‘quality of life’ and teach the tools that bring freedom. ‘Libertatem is the Latin word for freedom’ and in this websiode, we look at how to break sexual soul ties with your ex.

We pray that you will be liberated from this episode and be sure to look out for more from this channel here at 2BReal.


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