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“I’m Scared Of This Generation Of Preachers Who Don’t Like To Pray”

  /  Features   /  “I’m Scared Of This Generation Of Preachers Who Don’t Like To Pray”
Juanita Francis

“I’m Scared Of This Generation Of Preachers Who Don’t Like To Pray”

Juanita Francis is one of the UK’s most dynamic millennial prophetic preachers in the Kingdom today.


As the eldest daughter of Bishop John and Co-Pastor Penny Francis, founders of Ruach City Church.   We caught up with this international woman of God to learn more about what has made Juanita. Check out her profile and main interview below.



2BReal- What is your favourite track or album you are listening to at the moment? 

JF: To be honest I’m listening to quite a few; “He Made A Way” by Travis Greene, “Dance In The Rain” by Todd Dulaney, “Mighty God” by Maranda Willis, “The Same” by Anthony Brown & Group Therapy and “Worship Medley (I love you forever)” by Tye Tribbett


2BReal- What is your most memorable holiday moment? 

JF: Driving a yacht in the Bahamas it was pretty cool. Not many people can say they’ve done that!


2BReal- Tell us your favourite make up essentials that travel with you? 

JF: Everything lol! I guess the essentials are foundation, eyeliner, mascara unless I have on eyelashes, highlighter, concealer, and lipsticks, so yeah as I said everything lol


2BReal- What is the scripture you are most known to quote? 

JF: Isaiah 55:11 which is my favourite scripture.


2BReal- Favourite go-to outfit?  

JF: I don’t know that I have one! I guess jeans, a cute tee, and some heels or cute boots, depends on the weather.


2BReal- Growing up and watching your parents develop what God has assigned them to do requires you to understand the call. How much of that inspired where you are today?

JF: My parents are definitely a huge inspiration. People often say I’m a cross between the two. Honestly, I think it’s quite true! I sound most like my mum, in fact, I used to mimic her and answer her phone and fool people all the time. However, she taught me how to write my preaching notes, to study with organisation and balance.

My dad taught me how to shout lol, play the tambourine, also how to study and the discipline of living the life of a Christian and having a relationship with Jesus Christ, alongside everything I know today about ministry. I travelled with him on his engagements so I learned a lot. Coupled with those teachings, support and covering my own personal life experiences and lessons, it’s made me who I am today.

2BReal- When you are at church where is your favourite place to be? On praise and worship, in the congregation or before God’s people?

JF: Ooh that’s difficult. Honestly, my favourite place in the church is to be where He is! May sound “churchy” or cliche but I love His presence. So that maybe doing praise and worship or preaching, praying, before His people or just sitting in the congregation. As long as He’s there it’s my favourite.

2BReal- Ministry is a calling for the chosen. When did you know it was your time to step into your role as a minister of the Gospel?

JF: Well, from a young age it was prophesied, spoken that I was called to ministry so I grew up knowing I was called. However I would say when I knew was hearing some of the testimonies one, in particular, a young guy who walked 2 hours to hear the gospel preached by me.

He had bare feet. It was then I realized how serious the call was and I had to do it with my all or not do it at all. Testimonies like a guy wanting to kill himself and my post on Facebook stopped him. I knew I had a responsibility and that God had given me something special to share.

2BReal- As a worldwide woman in ministry what is the advice you would give to those who are watching you and are inspired by your calling?

JF: Stay yielded to God. Many people nowadays seek a platform, notoriety of some sort or the desire to be seen. They want the free loaves of bread and fish but don’t want to be the giver of the fish and bread. He says to seek His kingdom and ALL these things will be added unto you.


Never get caught up in things that you neglect the God who provides these things! Secondly, I would say be obedient to God! Do what He says. Sometimes we can think we know what God wants of us or try to make things happen on our own. However, know Gods timing is best and He knows your end from your beginning so trust He knows what He’s doing. Wait on Him.


Thirdly stay connected to covering! Sometimes they see what we cannot and they have often trodden the road that we are walking. They will not only save you time, some unnecessary trials but it’s always great to have support! I wouldn’t be where I am today for all those who have covered me.


Lastly, prayer is key! That’s our communication! I’m scared of this generation of preachers who don’t like to pray. How do you speak on behalf of a God you don’t talk to! It’s impossible because you have no relationship! Prayer has kept my mind, saved my life and the lives of many! So I would say never stop praying!

2BReal- How important is it would you say for a woman to live and reflect the woman of God we are all called to be?

 JF: It is very important to live and reflect the woman of God we are called to be. Often time that has been the downfall of why today many people have a challenge accepting woman in ministry because of how we represent ourselves. Just because I’m a woman in ministry doesn’t mean that I’m in charge in my home. If I was married my husband would be the head of the home. Things like that women.
Still being graceful and feminine when on the pulpit and respecting male authority. These are just some of the challenges that have turned people off, and so I believe it’s up to us to represent Christ at all times as well as ourselves. By the doing that, that doesn’t belittle who we are or what we are called to do!
The bible says our gift will make room for us, not our titles or being a bully or our disposition. So if we allow our gift and God to do what He does best hopefully we’ll represent ourselves in a more positive light. So I do my best to do that.

2BReal-  If you could sum up being a woman in one sentence, what would you say?  

JF: She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. (Proverbs 31 v 25) NLT

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