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Jacky Clark Chisholm Wants You To Shout

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Jacky Clark Chisholm

Jacky Clark Chisholm Wants You To Shout

The Clark Sisters are a Grammy and Stellar Award household name that once mentioned, one of their songs automatically come to mind.


Jacky Clark Chisolm who is the oldest Clark sister has decided to drop a brand new single called “Shout” and it is indeed something to shout about. The modern auto tune production brings the Clark sister right into today’s music genre giving those that love her the voice they know her for, and the younger generation a reason to be like “Go, Jacky, Go!”

With the new single available to purchase on Amazon Music and Spotify, be sure to check out a snippet below, and if you like what you hear be sure to get your copy and we will keep you posted for what we are now believing is a new album in the works.


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