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Justin Bieber Cancels Tour To Rededicate His Life Back To Jesus

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Cancels Tour To Rededicate His Life Back To Jesus

Jesus always waits…

And we’re so thankful He does.

TMZ, one of the world’s mainstream entertainment and celebrity websites have allegedly reported that Justin Bieber has cancelled the remainder of his “Purpose” world tour to focus on his relationship with Christ.

The fourteen days that the Candian musician was readying to do across the world was initially cancelled due to “unforeseen circumstances”, with recent reports surfacing that the Bieber is now passionate in furthering his relationship with God as a priority.


Good for him!


Under the pastoral care of Pastor Carl Lentz at Hillsong in New York, his journey to finding his true purpose has impacted his life in the way that we as believers should be rejoicing for. Every person who proclaims Christ knows that it is our mission as ministers of the gospel to impact the lives of all those that have not experienced the love of Jesus Christ in the most honest and transparent way possible.

Assignments in meeting and influencing environments and people with the love of God in today’s world, it is easy, but we are thankful for the life of Pastor Carl Lentz who has been obedient to God in fulfilling his assignment to the young pop star.


Here at 2BReal, we pray that Justin Bieber will continue to become immersed in the love of God to teach his beliebers that there is an authenticity in finding Christ who gave us all life for one purpose only; to glorify Him.

The mainstream entertainment industry is a demanding market to occupy, and it is imperative to have a solid foundation of people around you to keep you rooted and grounded in your passion and purpose for entering the music industry.

Justin Bieber was a YouTube internet sensation, who is under ten years has captivated millions of people with his music, sound and looks. Maybe now is the time for a change, and he can feel that the shift God is pulling him into maybe unknown to him, but is not unknown to God.


We wish him all the best for the future.

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