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Should You Marry Or Date A Non Christian?

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Should You Marry Or Date A Non Christian?

Should you date or marry a non-Christian? Does it matter if the denomination of the person you marry matches yours?

Lady T is back with another one! Kand!d with Lady-T is a bi-weekly podcast for having real conversations on life, love, marriage, relationships, sex, faith, health, family. Whatever it is, the Premier Radio presenter is the person that will discuss it.

When it comes to life, we are more than aware that we can at times live off other people’s opinions. Within the BME UK Christian community, the millennial generation has been taught that marriage is a holy covenant created by Christ. There is an order for how things. We get it. Build a friendship. Go on dates with that person. That should lead to courting. Pop the question. Get married. And get down to everything else after.

We have been taught through Sunday school, Bible class, and sermon messages that marriage has been designed by Christ. And we live by it. Yes while you wait you prepare. Find your purpose. Deal with childhood and past issues. Serve in ministry. Start a business. Finish education. Buy a house. But when waiting seems like years are going by what matters most to God?

On this weeks show the title “Marrying or Dating a non-Christian” sees the panel below look at;

  • Can you marry a non-Christian?
  • Living with a non-Christian in a committed relationship, but not marrying them?
  • If you got pregnant (or made a non-Christian pregnant)

It’s a heavy one so be sure to get your people together to get into the real talk discussion. We are aware that sometimes frustration kicks in as there is nowhere to have these types of discussions. And that is why we love Lady T for starting a Kingdom conversation on the real walks of life.

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