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Pastor Carl Lentz “Owns The Moment” On The Breakfast Club

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Pastor Carl Lentz “Owns The Moment” On The Breakfast Club

The senior pastor at Hillsong Church New York City, Carl Lentz stopped by The Breakfast Show.


Known as the spiritual advisor for mainstream artist Justin Beiber, the new author spoke about his relationship with the artist, and his new book “Own The Moment”.

It has been a great year for the Hillsong pastor as his leadership and heart for God has seen many accomplishments were achieved. And so stopping by The Breakfast Club he got to chop it up with the hosts of the American radio show.


From talking about whether he belived the Bible was man-made as opposed to God’s words really being recorded, to his opinion on pornography, racism and culture let us know your thoughts on the interview and if you would have answered the questions from another perspective.

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