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It’s Time To Go Full Throttle With Sarah Jakes Roberts

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It’s Time To Go Full Throttle With Sarah Jakes Roberts

Are you ready to go full throttle with your life?

A powerful and on time message came from Pastor Sarah Jakes-Roberts, first lady at One Church LA a few weeks ago, that we wanted to share with you all.  Sometimes in life, when you are on the go, did you know that you can be busy going nowhere? The writer, mother wife, and the speaker have been on fire over the last few months as she has taken to many platforms to deliver on time messages to millions across the world.

Did you know that your everyday routine will always be filled with accomplishments, but how many of checklist is based on where God is calling you to go? There comes a time when God may be antagonizing you because He is ready to take you into destiny and He needs you to put the foot on the accelerator. The question is are you ready to get to the next level? Do you really want the life that God continues to place in your spirit begin yo manifest?

In her recently released book “Don’t Settle For Safe” the international speaker has allowed her life experiences and testimony be the fuel for empowering those that don’t want to settle for safe. If you feel, if you believe that God is getting ready to shift you, then it is probably Him trying to step on the accelerator. For those that know that God is taking you into a new season then this message is just for you.

What if I told you that you could start functioning unapologetically in power, confidence, and complete trust in God’s plan for your life? Watch last night’s message to learn more about how tapping into that power can be your norm.


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