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Why We Have Headwinds By Sarah Jakes Roberts

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Why We Have Headwinds By Sarah Jakes Roberts

The first lady extraordinaire at One Church LA delivered a powerful sermon at The Potters House a few weeks ago that has gone global.


Sarah Jakes Roberts and her husband Toure Roberts recently was inaugurated into The Potters House family nearly a month ago. The senior pastor of the church, which is based in Los Angeles joined with Bishop TD Jakes and First Lady Serita Jakes and now are called “The Potters House One LA”. Also becoming the senior pastors of The Potters House Denver, Sarah delivered a powerful message called “Headwinds”.

“Headwinds” Acts 10:19-22 NKJV God will send people in your life to help you in certain situations. You have to trust the process even when you don’t have a hint. Have you ever wanted to be something but didn’t have the support in your environment to bring it out?

It’s something about the “waiting period” that will determine rather or not we deserve it! Sometimes you’re in a season of waiting because the blessing is being prepared on the other side.

Step out of the safety of your last miracle in order to go from GOOD to GREAT. When you arrive at the place God has for you, you’re going to need a certain strength you don’t have now.

While you’re waiting, God’s working! Stop speaking when the Spirit speaks; stop questioning the WHY and HOW of things, but trust the process instead. Be willing to have your mind changed.

God will show you how to succeed with your broken pieces. Don’t let other people mess up what God has given you. He will not subtract in your life unless He was going to multiply in your life.

When you grow, others have to grow with you or they will be left behind. It’s time to clear the room and give God the access! Let the headwind carry you into the PLACE God has marked for you.


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