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Sipho Bayeto Is “Saving Scarlett” In Her New Book

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Saving Scarlett

Sipho Bayeto Is “Saving Scarlett” In Her New Book

She has it all, the rich father, the glamorous lifestyle, the perfect image and people at her beck and call…

Or so it seems. Yet deep inside, she’s just a woman, longing to be filled, desperately searching for love, acceptance and purpose. An unwanted journey leads to discovery and just when she thought all hope was lost, He comes just in time offering her something infinite, as she meets Him halfway; they embark on a journey to Saving Scarlett.



That is why you need to get a copy of the brand new author on the scene Sipho Bayeto. Aspiring to bring hope and encouragement to everything she writes the UK Christian author has previously worked as an editor and has stepped out in faith to become one the best female authors to create compelling moments that help you change your life forever.


With the “Saving Scarlett” now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more check below where else you will be able to purchase a must have for your book collection.

Saving Scarlett

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