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Are You Ready For Heart Passion Pursuit?

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tasha cobbs leonard

Are You Ready For Heart Passion Pursuit?

It has been a busy year for Pastor Tasha Cobbs Leonard.


With recently becoming a wife and stepmother, serving at church whilst working on her brand new album Heart, Passion, Pursuit it seems like in the Leonard world it’s all systems go. The tracklisting for the new album was released recently, and it seemed to raise a few eyebrows that Nicki Minaj who is a mainstream female hip-hop artist will be featuring on the upcoming album.


Needless to say, social media has a mixed review of thoughts and opinions on the matter but here are 2BReal, in keeping it real our thoughts are;

1- seasons requires us to carry out assignments.

2- Not only is Tasha Cobbs Leonard married, but she is also an ordained pastor, which goes to say prayer and wisdom in her decision were discussed with most probably her husband and senior pastor.

3- Saving souls and bringing people closer to God requires us to do just that. Minister to them in the way that God has requested.

4- As a minister in music, and as a servant of God, she is only required to plant the seed that He can then water. We are under a Supreme Father, who just needs us to be obedient and not ask questions.

So we say this to say, we know that Tasha Cobbs Leonard has completed a good work in her assignment, as she has touched and continues to impact the lives of millions through her music. When you focus on your purpose, you allow God to do what He needs to do you for you to achieve what you have been given to do.


We love you, Tasha! Be sure to get your copy of the brand new album on Friday 25th August which is available for pre order now. Check out the lyric video below for the second single taken from the album “The Name Of Our God”


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