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When A Man Finds The Right Woman

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dephene madyara

When A Man Finds The Right Woman

Dephne Madyara is back with words of wisdom as she prepares for her upcoming wedding! Congratulations!


There’s something that happens when the right woman enters the life of a man. Her presence commands an edification in his life.

And as a woman, whether single, in courtship, in a relationship or even married we pray that you continue to embody the essence of the woman God has created you to be, with clarification from this new webisode.

And for men who may watch this. We pray that this word of wisdom and encouragement will confirm to you what it is that you are looking for in a woman.

That if you are currently with someone or are in the early stages of pursuit, this video will speak of all that you have been asking God to show you for the destiny of your covenant future.


In Jesus Name. Amen.



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