Believe In Your Magic Says Rita Balogun

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Believe In Your Magic Says Rita Balogun

We got a chance to chat with Rita Balogun, who is the owner of not one but two hair salons! 


Opening their London location owner Rita Balogun opened the doors to Radiant Salon at the beginning of this month. Believing in her magic Rita Balogun who was born in South East London, the family orientated business owner is the founder of Radiant London’s cutting-edge hair. She opened her salon because:

“Our goal is to create a home away from home experience, ensuring every client receives star treatment. By creating a warm atmosphere our customers are catered to in more ways than one and can just sit back and indulge in the all inclusive Radiant experience.”


I got to speak with the founder for our international woman special to learn more about why she started Radiant Salon and what being an international woman means to her.


2BReal: Tell us a little bit about your childhood? What is one of your most memorable moments?

RB: My childhood was super fun, I had a huge circle of friends so everyday was an adventure. My most memorable memory is secondary school as a whole. Loaddsss of cool memories there.


2BReal: Favourite hairstyle you are currently in love with?

RB: I can’t say I have a favourite as it changes all the time but I would say I’m loving lace frontal installs but equally so I’m happy that cornrows are making a comeback!


2BReal: What is your favourite go to outfit at the moment?

RB: T-shirt and jeans on a warmish day or turtleneck and jeans on most days.

2BReal-What inspired you to go into the hair business?

RB: I wasn’t very inspired to get into it, to be honest, I was almost thrown into it! Trained as an actress and watched my mum run it from when I was 11. I started working part-time at the salon when Chanel Brookelyn was hired as salon manager and suddenly I was interested. After a few years I really got into it and began to have a strong vision for it and here we are.

2BReal: Who have been your inspirations throughout your journey in building Radiant (London) Salon?

RB: I’m currently very obsessed with Sophia Amoruso. I love how she’s built her brand and how she’s not the conventional businesswoman.

2BReal: What does being an “International Woman” mean to you?

RB: Hmmm I guess to me it means being the type of Woman that can relate to any kind of person from any walk of life.

2BReal: In being able to provide a service to women to enhance the outer beauty, what would you say are the most important factors women need to encourage themselves with so that their beauty is reflected inside and out?

RB: There are many ways but I would say believe in your magic! We all have something that makes us uniquely us and the quicker we embrace that the more beautiful we become.

2BReal: Where do you want to see Radiant (London) Salon within the next five years?

RB: Everywhere! I just desire expansion.


2BReal: If you could sum up being a woman in one sentence, what would you say?

RB: Often challenging but totally worth it!

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