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5 Keys For Before And After “I Do”

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5 Keys For Before And After “I Do”

When it comes to preparation, it is necessary to always go into a situation well aware of what to expect.

Life and love go hand in hand right?


Whether you are single, dating, engaged or married, to live a life where love abounds within a covenant union is paramount to God getting the glory from what He has joined together. When you are entrusted with taking care of someone’s heart mind and soul, it is now more than ever in the society we live in to be prepared on how to do so.


We hear of celebrity figures that are married and still experience a level of trouble. Is it because before they said “I do”  they have not allocated the keys of wisdom that may unlock access to remain faithful through the good and bad times?


The Robert Pastors who are the senior leaders of The Potters House LA and Denver took to the stage to offer a session on how to prepare for a lifetime experience on how to upkeep a healthy position when it comes to loving the one who has been selected just for you.


Let us know your thoughts on the talk below and share your comments below.

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