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A Greater Story With Sam Collier

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Sam Collier

A Greater Story With Sam Collier

Greater Story’ is what is available for all of us. A life completely fueled and guided by the power of God.


He has a plan for all of us. The common cry and longing of humanity knowingly and unknowingly have always and will always be the desire to discover and align with His plan. His story. A Greater Story. 

Hosted by Sam Collier the nationally syndicated radio host has empowered over 80k young people to have a winning mindset in life to achieve their goals by creatively making education relevant to young people. Sam sits down with top Christian influencers and Celebrities to unpack their incredible purpose-filled stories. They also discuss current events, hot topics and success tips through the lens of faith.


On this episode, Sam interviews national speaker and senior pastor of Transformation Church, Michael Todd.

Topics: His Story, Innovation, Millennials, His New Book and Transformation Church.

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