About Us

2BRealMagazine is the destination for Christian content and Gospel news you need to see. The e-zine is an online publication that inspires, informs, and edifies with the latest in Christian lifestyle, music and business and entrepreneurship.

With over 2.2 billion Christians in the world and counting, the many beliefs that have been birthed from the Bible and the following of Jesus Christ has created a plethora of denominations. And so, on this platform, we offer to share stories, the latest news and content of aspiration to share with those on their journey to fulfilling destiny.


Natasha Ferguson

Founding editor of 2BRealMagazine, Natasha is a journalism graduate, who has worked as a journalist in the mainstream and Christian industry over the last seven years. A Spotify music enthusiast, she is also mother and CEO of 2BRealMedia Ltd.


Micheal Ihenacho

Michael who resides in Africa is the features editor at 2BRealMagazine. The devotional writer is an advocate for love and relationships and also pens poetry from time to time.

Carlotta Nelson

Carlotta is a heavyweight in HR, administration and systems and manages and organises every submission and enquiry that comes into 2BRealMagazine.

Our Mission At 2BRealMagazine

2BRealMagazine aims to face what this generation needs. A voice, platform and place where no situation is unheard of. We want to challenge the mindset of the believer and those that want to know more about Jesus. Through our diverse content published, we aim to deliver the tools our readers need to go out and live the purpose-filled life that they are destined to live.

To spread the Good News is one thing. To help people grow, become confident and bold in walking with God for the rest of their lives is our mission. We pray that while discovering all He has in store for you, it will clarify His destiny for you which is your passion, which will birth your purpose.

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