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Here Are My Absolute Favourite Singles Of 2017

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Here Are My Absolute Favourite Singles Of 2017

2017 was an absolutely incredible year of great music, artists and ministries stepping out for the Kingdom by force.


Now I listen to a lot of music and what I can say is that I was so honoured for every submission that came through my email box. Every single track whether mentioned, promoted or advertised on the magazine highlighted a few things that as a journalist and editor I wanted to share.

  1. Every artist should be respected in believing in their craft when it comes to producing music.
  2. Quality in production is everything. It is better to pay for the things you think people won’t pick up on because they will.
  3. Consistency and excellence at every stage of creating to delivering music are essential. You have to think of it as if Jesus is in the studio with you. Regardless of the genre, the standard you produces crushes the oil that He has invested in you. Use it with honour.


And so when it came to listing what was supposed to be initially my top 10 tracks of the tear I just couldn’t. With the amount of music that then stayed on my playlist throughout the entire year, I had to share what made working such a pleasure.


Here are the top 18 UK singles of 2017. From Becca Folkes to Jake Isaac, Melvillous, Happi, Patrice Alisha and more it took me about an hour to whittle down to the selected below. And flying the flag for the UK I co-sign every single here.


2017 UK singles



Across the waters, Christian music was booming! I mean in 2017 from Jamaica to Africa and America, every artist listed below really deserved a spot on our annual list. I got it down to 27 in the end and honestly because a lot of the artists also released albums in 2017 also is one of the reasons why I held back on creating a montage of the best albums of 2017.


However, just to celebrate I may do one as when it comes to celebrating good music I thank God for using His vessels accordingly. And more importantly, them wanting to be used and working towards making that happen. If you have listened to any of the artists let me know what you think of their music. Did you purchase their EP’s or albums? Do you disagree with the lists?


Who do you want to see on 2BRealMagazine for 2018? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.




About The Author

Founding editor in chief of 2BRealMagazine, Natasha is a communications specialist. With over six years of experience in journalism and a passion for the people, her love for digital and creative communications has taken her across the public, private and not for profit companies and organisations.

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