Adara Butler: “A Young Esther For This Generation”

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Adara Butler: “A Young Esther For This Generation”

Known for her infamous meme’s Adara Butler has over the last few months blessed millions of women around the world with her outlook on love, life and walking with the Lord.

The American preacher, motivational speaker, and author born and raised in Long Island New York in a devout Christian home with both parents and three siblings. Adara has been an inspiration and the active epitome of when you are walking in the purpose God has for your life. Allowing the Good News to travel through the double tap likes on Instagram, for our International Women’s special, it was an honour to be able to share with you all a little bit more about who Adara Butler really is, by speaking to the lady herself.

2BReal: Favourite track/ album right now? 

AB: I don’t have a favourite album but my favorite song is “ No Gray “ by Jonathan McReynolds


2BReal: What is your most quoted scripture you are known for? 

AB: My favorite scripture- Romans 8:28.


2BReal: Favourite go-to outfit? 

AB: High waisted jeans, simple heels a basic tee and a pink blazer. Pink is my favorite colour.    


2BReal: Tell us about how you became “Adara Butler, Young Esther For This Generation” 

AB: It began as I started to in-depth study the book of Esther and come to see she was groomed and went through a series of experiences in order to be put in a position to go before the masses and be a voice for them. God began to show me that my testimony was going to be what He uses to save many people of my generation and in the same spirit of wisdom and boldness that she went for the people is to be how I go. I posted it as a signature to a meme one day and it went viral and from then on the name just attached itself to my page and stuck with me.

2BReal: Who inspired you to become a minister? 

AB: I cannot really say someone inspired me. It is more of a calling from God. I knew I was supposed to be doing this I didn’t want to do because this is not what the “norm “ is for society. But, as God’s people aren’t supposed to fit in we are called to stand out.

2BReal: Why has your life experiences encouraged you to become a motivational speaker? 

AB: I know that there’s no way I am the only person who has gone through the things I have and not everyone is strong enough to speak up. Someone has to be bold enough to speak and also there is a freedom that comes with sharing truth and helping and inspiring people and changing lives. Ultimately I know I survived to help others survive.


2BReal: If you could give your younger self some advice, what would you tell her?

AB: I would tell her to trust and obey God. To not be afraid to do something different than what everyone else is doing.


2BReal: As an author, how important is it that you deliver a message that will be effective and bring change to your readers? 

AB: It is very important that’s why I take my time. I want my writing to bless and encourage many people and they feel and see the love of God through my life and my story.

2BReal: What does being an “International Woman” in ministry mean to you? 

AB: It is an honor. It means I am fulfilling God’s word where it says in Matt 24:14 “ and this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world…” the world is a vast huge place and to be able to reach people in various parts of the world means a lot to me.

2BReal: If you could sum up being a woman in one sentence, what would you say? 

AB: To be a woman is to be the Queen in His kingdom God has called you to be and do what He has called you to do.


You can follow her on Instagram @adarraaa to catch her positivity all for yourself. X

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