Adrienne & Israel Houghton Perform ‘Secrets’ Live On The Real

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Adrienne & Israel Houghton Perform ‘Secrets’ Live On The Real

Israel Houghton is back and we’re here for all of it

Ever since his marriage to Adrienne Ballion, Israel Houghton has transformed into a man of God comfortable in who he is and the road that lies ahead.
With the release of his brand new album, below are his thoughts on his personal transformation and what it cost to get to be content in his walk with Christ today.
The road to the man I have become.
It’s a very jarring realization when you’ve been used to going to sleep on top of the world Then you wake up one day with the world on top of you & realize you’ve been living your entire young adult & adult life behind layers of filters, half-truths, compromises, & fake smiles. I’m sure it was there for protection sometimes… But mainly to either impress people or to keep them from discovering my true self. The fear of man is a crippling fear. No question.
But the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom. Not the fear from being afraid, but the reverential fear that God can be trusted & that His process brings about transformation & freedom. Being human & showing human flaws & shortcomings brings about the ugly human criticism & comparison from others. Which can be hurtful. But it also created the most beautiful opportunity for God to do supernatural work in my life.
Which He is still doing.
Faithfully. Consistently.
I don’t recognize who I used to be. How I used to think. The regrettable actions & compromises I made peace with. I thank God for knocking me to the ground. For revealing Himself. Taking the scales, the mask, from my eyes, & lifting me back up a changed & grateful man.
Then setting me back on the road.
The road to DeMaskMe. To DeMaskUs.
Check out his first performance of the brand new single and let us know your thoughts in the comments.
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