Amos Pinnock Chats About His New Book “Words From My Heart”

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Amos Pinnock

Amos Pinnock Chats About His New Book “Words From My Heart”

UK Christian spoken word artist, writer, poet and now author Amos Pinnock is readying up to release his debut book “Words From My Heart“.


And so in the lead up to the 2017 release, we had to chat with the heartfelt romantic to find out why now was the right time to bring to bring this book to life.


2BReal- The choice of title was interesting. What led to that decision?

AP:  The title of “Words from my Heart” came from the fact that just because I’m a man, doesn’t mean I don’t have emotions, which became the strapline for the book. Growing up as a young man, I’ve learned through experiences the different elements of relationships. And one thing that I recognised is that through it all, I chose to continue to love. The book is literally me sharing words from my heart, and although it’s very sentimental to me, the experiences are completely relatable. There is something for everyone at different stages of life.

2BReal- What is the book about? What did you want people to take from it?

AP: The book is about love, and journeys through romance, pain, letters to a future wife, and many more things we experience when it comes to love and relationships. The main purpose of this book is to show people romance isn’t dead. That true love is real and it’s not just in fairy tales and movies but it’s a real-life thing.

2BReal- So who is this book for? Men or Women or both?

AP: This book is for both. It’s to show women that chivalry still exists, there are guys out there who still go out of their way to do what real men do. It’s to show guys that showing love, being romantic and showing emotions doesn’t make you weak or less masculine. Being all of the above is a part of being a man because as the head of a household you reflect what your partner and family will put out to others. Lastly, this book will show that being a gentleman is highly respectable and that we can win a woman’s heart by showing her that we want to care for her and love her for a lifetime instead of just a moment.

With all the hatred and evil in the world at this time, I want to put love back into the equation, and hopefully, this book will help do that.

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