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As You And I

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As You And I

As You And I

No matter how hard the enemy’s hit,

Your love held me close like baseball gloves,

Without paying a single dime,

Love came right in the nick of time,


Your bloodshed upon Calvary’s cross,

Captured every pool of pasts hurts and regrets,

Like deadlines, I hear the whooshing sound they make as they fly by,

Bye I say, of they that would have ushered me down Judas field,


Oh what true love above that brings me,

Ever so close to your mercy throne,

They say, never give all of your heart for love,

But hey, assured I am of His,

So will I take a desperate dip into His love, for,

Although a thousand words can’t make it up,

Your love deserves my thanks,


So, will my heart sing a thousand songs,

Lifting your name high above,

Awaiting that set time when, with tears rolling down my cheeks,

Faithful to never miss the light of your promised love,

To don your royal robes, fit for heaven’s abode,

Walking down the streams of gold,

As you and I be wed forever.


Copyright © 2017 by Michael Ihenacho

Twitter: @emmynacho316

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