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BBC1Xtra Presents: Gangs Drill And Prayer

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BBC1Xtra Presents: Gangs Drill And Prayer

Sometimes even when you are doing the will of the Lord, it is always your own that have something to say.


Spac Nation is one of the fastest growing youth and young adult churches in London. With artists, entrepreneurs and well-known business owners attending every Sunday, God has been using the ministry to glorify his name one young adult at a time.


UK drill artists Hope Dealers, grime lyricist Melvillous and creative mastermind Happi joined Pastor Emmanuel for a BBC1Xtra Radio special. Taking us on his journey from drugs and gangs to Christ and glory, we watch Emmanuel retell his story from a renewed mind and perspective in this special documentary.


True repentance will always carry fruit. A changed heart and mind allow Christ to move in ways that you can never imagine. And for this young group of evangelists who share their infectious fire for God, it is no wonder why it is our own who unfortunately will have something to say.


One thing I have observed on this walk with Christ is that God will give every single person that chooses to follow Him there very own lane. Through obedience, faith and passion for purpose, it is there where letting people see, hear and witness Jesus through you reflects what He had given to you to share with the world.


Yes, there may be a number of denominations of Christianity around the world that we may or may not agree with. But always remember, that if what you have been called to do has been ordained by God, then why can’t others be called just like you?


More love, life and Christ to the Spac Nation ministries. Saving the youth is saving the next generation. Saving the next generation is saving Christ.

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