“Being A Woman Is Dope”

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becca folkes

“Being A Woman Is Dope”

For us, when we think of some of the leading ladies in the Gospel industry, bringing not just a heart of worship for what they have been called to do, but moving with the grace and creative flair that God has blessed them with, one always springs to mind.


And for us here at 2BReal, who have been supporters of Becca Folkes ministry since forever, we thought that through our International Women’s Special it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t give you guys a further insight into why for us, this woman of God is going to do great things for the Kingdom.

Rebecca Lauren Katherine Folkes born in Newham General, raised in London considered a sports orientated girl wasn’t singing much unless at church. Raised with her brother, playing football every Saturday morning, the now cool fashionista sat down with me to tell me why being a woman is dope!


2BReal: Favourite track/ album right now?

BF: An oldish Marvin Sapp song called “Do You Know Him”? The original, NOT the Trendsetters remix! Lol BIGGGG tune! Getting my youth choir to sing it at my youth convention. My favourite album right now is “We Are King” by a group called ‘King’. These girls are the real deal! Amazing voices. Excellent playing and production! Sick pen! They are A-MA-ZING!


2BReal: What is your most quoted scripture you are known for?

BF: I don’t know if there’s a scripture I’m most known for, but my favourite scripture is Psalms 23, beginning to end! I absolutely adore Psalms 23. Such a beautifully written Psalm by David.


2BReal: What does being a “woman” mean to you?

BF: I definitely enjoy being a woman. I enjoy the strength of a woman. I like being able to push past the hurt I’ve had or been through. I like being able to multitask because we know certain people struggle with that (lol). I love dressing up and the versatility that comes with being a woman. I love that we can be mothers, wives, sisters, nieces, and providers all at the SAME TIME!!! But more importantly, to be a black woman is to be strength personified! We defy the limitations thrown at us! We surpass them and keep pushing on! More power to us.


2BReal: Who were your inspirations growing up, that have had an impact on your outlook of femininity today?

BF: As I was a sports junkie growing up, most of my role models were males. When I hit the age of 9/10, I really started picking up more music and artists who dressed like me or sang like me. Artists like Kirk Franklin & 1NC, Pink, Brandy, and TLC made the whole ‘tomboy’ thing look cool for girls. Even today I’m a little rough around the edges… but I guess that’s what makes me, me!


2BReal: What do you think are some of the issues that young females are faced with challenging today?

BF: I think one of the biggest issues for women right now is self-acceptance. Understanding there is only one of them. Only they can do ‘them’ the way they do! Understanding that they matter! Understanding not having a man is fine. Life still goes on! I think the greatest remedy for that is the undiluted word of God. The word that heals, saves, corrects AND restores!



2BReal: How important is it for you in your ministry to reflect the woman of God you are called to be?

BF: I think its key in ministry period! You have to, as a minister of the gospel, be honest and transparent in everything you do. People can’t relate to someone they have nothing in common with or someone who has no idea what they’ve been through. We all struggle. We all fall short. So it’s important we make it known that we wouldn’t be who we are if it had not been for that faultless man we call JESUS.


2BReal: What does being an “International Woman” in ministry mean to you?

BF: International Woman in Ministry? It’s an honour to be acknowledged as such! I strive every day to be better than I used to. I take titles and acknowledgement seriously. This just means I have more work to do. The grind doesn’t stop here. There are still souls to be won, in London and around the world!!


2BReal: If you could sum up being a woman in one sentence, what would you say?

BF: Describe being a woman in word?! DOPE!

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