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Becca Folkes Collaborates With YouVersion Bible App

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Becca & YV

Becca Folkes Collaborates With YouVersion Bible App

When it comes to sharing your story with the world Becca Folkes decided to share one particular experience differently.

Essex born, East London raised, Rebecca Lauren Katherine Folkes is not letting up anytime soon.


The “12 Rounds” artist recently collaborated with the global Bible app YouVersion, to share her story. The devotional called The Importance Of The Experience: The Survivors Guide which you can read here was published last Friday. Through having a transparency moment Becca reveals that she had been molested. Silenced for ten years, she was also was mentally and emotionally abused. However now at 23 years old, the gloves are off and she is ready to share her story with the world.


When it comes to the topic of discussing abuse within the church community, the worship leader has taken a stand to share why this was important for others to read. Believing in deliverance and freedom for all, her desire is for men and women that have been affected by abuse to recognise that by reading her story everyone can come through the other end =victorious.


With the UEA nominee still having the people still vibing to her first single “12 Rounds” from her upcoming 3rd studio EP, The Trilogy set to be her most personal and revealing collection of music to date, we here at 2BRealMagazine want to congratulate the incredibly bold and talented servant of God!


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