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Bishop T.D. Jakes Chats To The Breakfast Club

  /  Business & Entrepreneurship   /  Bishop T.D. Jakes Chats To The Breakfast Club

Bishop T.D. Jakes Chats To The Breakfast Club

When it comes to entrepreneurship Bishop T.D. Jakes is on a mission to guide the millennial generation into fulfilling their purpose when it comes to his latest book Soar.


Heading to The Breakfast Club whilst on his book tour, the senior pastor at The Potters House stopped by the influential American radio show to speak about why he wrote his new book, his own entrepreneurial journey and was asked his opinion about where the church stands through the political time.


When it comes to The Breakfast Club the mainstream influential presenters do not come to play whenever they do have Christian personalities on board. They ask the questions for a response and these interviews do bring out quality wisdom to shine a light on Christ and the truth of who Jesus is through. As always our Bishop delivers eloquently in this conversation and really challenges us to Soar.

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