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Confidence Vs Courage With Kayode Ewumi

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Confidence Vs Courage With Kayode Ewumi

Kayode Ewumi explains his journey and how he discovered his own courage to pursue his ambitions.

One of today’s most loved comedians Kayode Ewumi is a British Christ representer doing great things with his gift for writing, acting and comedy. Speaking last year at TEDxPeckham the entertainer broke down efficiently how important it is to find the balance when it comes to having confidence and courage.


When pursuing life goals, the reality of how big your dreams are can sometimes scare you. Overwhelm you because the passion to pursue your heart’s desire is all you can see every day and night. And so finding the balance of being able to have the confidence to know that you are good enough and there is enough space in the world to fit your dream requires courage to believe.

The Word says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Which means that in having the confidence to live out your purpose, you also have to activate the courage to step out into what God has called you to do. None of the successful people you see in the world today got to where they are by operating in just confidence or courage.


You need both. Because when one doesn’t  stand up as high as the other then walking the tightrope that both courage and confidence built activated with prayer and obedience is a mixture for purpose to thrive in. This talk was inspirational and we hope that it motivates and encourages you.


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