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Detoxing Your Mind: An Interview With Dr. Caroline Leaf

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Detoxing Your Mind: An Interview With Dr. Caroline Leaf

They say the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a world-renowned cognitive neuroscientist, author, and speaker. In this interview, she reveals how to practically stop toxic thoughts and rewrite the way we think.

Speaking with senior pastor Steven Furtick at Elevation Church, this informative and informal discussion requires an open mind and a notebook for wisdom.


Below are time stops of interesting moments in the conversation that we thought would be of interest to you.


3:18 – We have so much more control over our brains than we’re told.

5:56 – We often say Christian “stock phrases” without realizing that they could be negatively affecting us.

17:14 – What does “take every thought captive” really mean in relation to our brains?

25:30 – Once you’ve spoken about an issue, it starts losing its power.

33:30 – Technology has deeply affected our minds, but there are practical ways to change the way we think.


Be encouraged and blessed!

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