Down But Not Out

How I am still standing through this month could only be through God and God alone.

Warfare is a real element that we wrestle against spiritually in our lives which draws us closer to the next level God is readying us to go to.Rather than writing from a place where nothing of substance, emptiness, and despair laid, I had to get myself out of the pit I was in and fight back.

And it was in this place I realised a number of things that I am now able to share after receiving a revelation from God now that it all has become clear:

  1. There is a blessing in being crushed. We shout to be blessed forgetting that you have to be prepared for what you have been praying for. And in order for God to know that He can trust you with the blessing, a bit of pressure is applied as He levels the new weight you will carry in the new season.
  2. Being in the will of God will not always smell like white vanilla. Sometimes being in His will causes the enemy to fear because he knows you are drawing closer to your destiny. And so the distractions and fears come to slow you down. The question is can recognise the difference between distractions and opportunities?
  3. Surround yourself with wise counsel that can carry the weight of your crushing. Not everyone is called to stand with you. Those that are sent by God can see in the Spirit what you may not say while you are going through this process. These are the ones that will be able to carry you during these sensitive points of transition.
  4. It is only for a season. After you suffer a while, been tried and tested, that is when God will know that you are ready for the unexpected. Be prepared as it will come sooner than you think.
  5. Keep your praise in your mouth. Never stop speaking the Word, declaring the victory, worshipping and giving God the praise that he is due. This shows Him that not only you can worship Him in Spirit and in truth but that your worship remains consistent on the best and worst of days.

I may have been down. But I can tell you I was not out. Which lets me know that the plans God has for me in the next season are readying to be released. And if you have been going through a season of transition I pray that this note is a confirmation of what is to come.

Stay strong and be of good courage. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.Natasha x

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