Find Your Balance Be Intentional and Remain Disciplined

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Find Your Balance Be Intentional and Remain Disciplined

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Like everyone, I have doubts. I wonder if the publication will become established and respected as its meant it to be. I get anxious thinking can I really balance a full-time job, motherhood, part-time entrepreneurship and maintain a consistent relationship with God? Every single day?

After I finished university last year, the plan was to go full time into entrepreneurship. I wanted to work for myself serving others through my passion. In my mind, I thought it would shift the balance. Which would mean I wouldn’t have to cancel or say no to things I wanted to do anymore because I didn’t have the capacity to take on more than I could bear.

With my daughter away for the entire summer holiday last year, through God’s eyes He made me realise that I had no work-life balance. Over the three years in uni, my drive and ambition to obtaining a First class honours (which I got) and building the magazine consumed me.
A minimal work-life balance can be a contributing factor to losing effect. I noticed that everything I was doing for the magazine, as a mother, in church and at work slowly began to feel like it was becoming too much to manage because I lost focus of the bigger picture. It was taking so much of me, I wasn’t taking the time to pour back into myself, which after so many withdrawals can leave you bankrupt.

To add to that, there is a danger in not addressing the warning signals that alert you to deal with the waves of emotional and spiritual imbalance. Ask God in prayer, and be vocal to your loved ones for help. Negative coping mechanisms offer temporary “fixes” but never leave permanent solutions.

But Thank God for Jesus!

Fast forward to this summer and I was reminded by God in a moment of feeling overwhelmed that being busy and being productive are two different things. And before you lose yourself, He always steps in to give perspective. The lesson He wanted to remind me of was that in order to serve others, I had to serve myself.

It is God’s plan for us all to serve others through our gifts and passion. The keyword here being “serve” also requires a yielding moment every once in a while. Knowing when to be still. Letting things rest. Stepping back from what has been done to take it all in.

I had to learn how to implement some much-needed routine and fun back into my life with my loved ones around me. In finding a balance, through prayer, I realised it came down to two things:

  1. Intentionality
  2. Discipline
As we go into the last few months of the year, the key to fulfilling purpose is by completing daily goals intentionally. Rather than overexerting yourself, if you can do one a thing each day that pertains to your work and personal life, you can track the success according to the goals set.

Remaining disciplined to be intentional is not easy. But to see the fruit of your labour, remind yourself why you need to remain focused on your goals. And when in doubt yield. Slow down, take it all in and allow God to refocus your perspective.

Just know that we are blessed and highly favoured!

Natasha xx

About The Author

Founding editor in chief of 2BRealMagazine, Natasha is a communications specialist. With over six years of experience in journalism and a passion for the people, her love for digital and creative communications has taken her across the public, private and not for profit companies and organisations.


  • Kyle miller

    Proud on you sis keep up the Great work, you are blessed and highly favoured indeed ! Keep on continuing to let God use you in a great and mighty way !!

  • 2BRealMagazine

    Thank you so much!

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