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Faith Child Is Proud To Be A 28-Year-Old Virgin

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Faith Child Is Proud To Be A 28-Year-Old Virgin

How many men are proud to say that they are a virgin and proud? I’ll wait?

Listen this conversation made us catch our whole lives. How many men, Godly men do you know right now that honour their body the way we all have been commanded too?

Soul Surgery that is run by YouTube vlogger Breeny Rose Lee spoke to the UK Christian artist who said the number 1 reason why he is waiting before having sex is that he is waiting for marriage. Born into a Christian home, he says that he has always has had his eyes on marriage.

When he was in Year 8, when he was about 12, he even said that he prayed a prayer asking God to take away all sexual desires, which evidently is still a covenant something that God honoured.

From friendship circles, to influence and mindset be sure to watch episode 6 of the virgin diaries and be blessed by this inspirational message that we want to be shared with men and women who know men that need to hear this.

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