Gay Girl Good God With Jackie Hill Perry

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Jackie Hill Perry

Gay Girl Good God With Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie Hill Perry is a wife, mother, and author of her debut book coming next month “Gay Girl Good God”


Speaking at the 2018 women’s gospel coalition the American speaker came to share some insights on her upcoming new book.


With “Gay Girl, Good God” being released on September 3rd, Jackie spoke to Mary Wiley on how she knew she was a lesbian, the moment she told her mother and how she came left that life and came to Christ.


If you are one of the first 5000 to pre-order at any retailer and redeem the book on the home page website you get the audiobook free too as well. So why not bless someone today!


What are you waiting for?


Share the video with someone that you know will be blessed by this testimony and let us know your thoughts on her story in the comments below.



Check out the official story here:

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