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Guvna B Becomes An Author With “UnPopular Culture”

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Guvna B

Guvna B Becomes An Author With “UnPopular Culture”

We are so proud of Guvna B who has finally revealed what he has been working on throughout 2016.


“Unpopular Culture”: the debut novel looks at how popular culture tells us the best way to live, the right things to buy, the right body shape to have, the right kinda people to chill with etc.

Guvna B explores what if we chose to live differently: to stand up for injustice, to live a life greater than just ourselves, to dare to be unpopular? He believes that;


God’s got a plan for everyone. This book hasn’t got all the answers but I hope that through reading about my own experiences, you’ll be inspired to strive for better and believe God for bigger.


Available to pre-order now for the 15th of June release, be sure to get your copy now. And yes, more music will be coming from the UK rapper soon so be sure to watch this space.


Guvna B


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