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My Happiness Was Dependent On My Relationship With God

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My Happiness Was Dependent On My Relationship With God

We are thanking God for bringing these British Black actors and actresses into one the most successful films of our generation.


They have been everywhere. From radio, to print, magazine, online publications, TV and more, the entire Black Panther cast set the world alight since the release of the film. Breaking box office records, it has been reported that the film is currently at $800m in two weeks since its release. Globally.

I’ll just leave that there because the power of urban film production has said it all…

London actors Daniel Kaluuya and Letitia Wright stopped by the This Morning show recently and revealed how they caught the acting bug. Daniel also shares his reaction to being academy award nomination for his performance in Get Out.


However what has had the internet going viral within the Christian hemisphere is Letitia’s adoration for the Lord. Right round at the 3.40 mark she identifies how she defeated making life and her gift an idol, and how her relationship with God restored her faith and her career.


I was personally over here listening to her with a tambourine as her humility and confidence allowed God to get the glory on mainstream TV as He should.


Let us know your thoughts on the interview in the comments below!


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