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Here’s Our Thoughts On The Book Saving Scarlett

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saving scarlett

Here’s Our Thoughts On The Book Saving Scarlett

Written our by our freelance book reviewer and blogger Kayon Blair, she gave usher insights into Saving Scarlett, a book written by Sipho Bayeto which was released this year.


This book has been beautifully written by Sipho Bayeto. Saving Scarlett demonstrates the undesirable journey that leads a young woman to her God-ordained purpose. While reading this book it became so animated in my mind that I was able to truly picture Scarlett’s journey to purpose. Scarlett’s character can be used to represent the struggles that many women face in society today.


Scarlett’s character presents the young woman who seems to have it all; the rich father, a mansion home and dazzling lifestyle – yet still being so unfulfilled and empty inside. She represents the women who long for true love, satisfaction, acceptance and contentment.



In Saving Scarlett, Bayeto demonstrates the importance of healing from the past. Scarlett was able to learn about herself as she came to find God. She was able to address the issues in her past and present life that was causing her to make the unhealthy choices she did, while also understanding the importance of dealing with the issues that caused her to continuously feel empty and unfulfilled.



This love story demonstrates Scarlett’s quest for true infatuation while bringing readers through her journey of the heart. Bayeto takes readers through an intimate expedition of Scarlett’s life. This book definitely touched home for me. Reading Saving Scarlett reminded me of a similar journey I’ve encountered myself, for example dealing with low self-esteem and emptiness. Saving Scarlett definitely has a profound realness to it. This book is for readers who want something to relate to.


If you are looking for a book about a true love story, faith and healing of the heart this book is for you. Click here to get your copy.


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