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How To Get Over It With Keirra Sheard

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How To Get Over It With Keirra Sheard

Sometimes when it comes to dealing with what we no longer are in, it can be hard. So how do learn to get over it?


Whether it be the ending of a relationship, or not getting the grade that you were expecting at university or learning how to come adversary with an enemy there are ways to deal with it.


As we as believers know, there are two ways of dealing with things. You can learn to get over what is hurting you with the power of your flesh or learn how to get over what you are dealing with in the leading of the Holy Spirit.


American entrepreneur, worship leader, artist and business owner Kierra Sheard shares her thoughts on how you can use these tips on learning to change behaviour to receive a more healthier outcome. It is not how you deal with things that God wants to strengthen, but the tools and process you use to do so.


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