How To Maintain The Flow

This month is not playing any games… at all!

The month of January is one of the most important sets of weeks, days, hours and minutes of the year. It is where resolutions now come to life that stands side by side with Veganuary and Dryanuary- they are words I have heard constantly over the past 31 days.

And so by setting the trajectory of what you believe your year will be cemented by, we frolick into the mysteries of God anticipating that our hopes and dreams are aligned with His purpose for us.

I call January “getting into the rhythm” month. New goals mean new stretching is required in my already multitasking world. However, getting into the rhythm also highlighted that in order to grow and scale is to also recognise where that needs to take place.

So before I can maintain a flow, I have to adjust my present one to fit the monthly and weekly targets that get me to my next big goal. As we all have them. And for me in the month of January, this was the perfect time to do it.

Or so I thought.

Here’s how my January of getting into the rhythm really went:

  • My sleeping habits went out the window. I did not want to return to my 5.30 mornings. No thank you;
  • I had a major event in Davos, Switzerland that consumed about  75% of my time which left me 25% of being too mentally tired to hit deadlines;
  • The sacrifices of not being able to do everything and be everywhere allowed me to identify where I needed to change my flow.
And it was here that I realised that to build upon an existing rhythm was to remain consistent in the following:
  1. Worship
  2. Prayer
  3. Communication with God
When you are going to a new level, about to venture into a new territory or just overall become busier these three things are essential in order to make it there.


Because in maintaining your flow you maintain your peace. Regardless of the storms and unexpectedness of life, these daily necessities bring structure, submission and sensitivity that will always allow you to stay on track to the future of purpose.

It’s what has got me here. And what will take me there. Because without these three things, maintaining my flow cannot exist.

Get into your flow for 2019.

Natasha x

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