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How We Found The One

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How We Found The One

Congratulations are in order for one half of the Girl Defined duo!

With Bethany recently becoming a wife, it has been a brilliant year for the Girl Defined ladies. From weddings to merchandise and their new book “Love Defined” the ladies had received what they have believed God for.


But before walking down the aisle, getting to that moment requires understanding. Using their own love story as the backdrop, Zack and Kristen will show you how “discerning the one” isn’t as mysterious and confusing as we often make it out to be.

Being whole and healed is a commitment to ourselves that is essential before asking God for the one. And so, when you start on your journey of meeting “the one”, what you think it should be may not be the way it plays out.

But with wisdom, counsel, prayer and guidance, one thing is for sure; your love will be defined with who is meant for you.


Be inspired by this real-life experience and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

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