Testimonial: Danielle Vassell “I Had To Fight For My Life”

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Testimonial: Danielle Vassell “I Had To Fight For My Life”

My name is Danielle Vassell and this is my personal testimony of my birth and how I am now thriving as a 19-year-old survivor.


When I was born I weighed one pound four ounces less than a bag of sugar and I was accurately the size of my dads hand and 13 weeks premature. I was born on 14th February 1997 at Kings College Hospital in Dulwich London.

The doctors had told my mother I only had a zero to five percent chance to live and that she should have let me go, especially the fact how she was very ill of Pre Eclampsia which was a high risk.

But regardless of what the doctors said she had proceeded to give me the chance to live and she was willing to sacrifice her own life for me.

I was very ill and had to stay in hospital for 5 months in an incubator and the intensive care unit. My parents were in a tough situation seeing their daughter fight for her life. The doctors even wanted to turn off my machine several times and spoke negative words over me saying that I would be brain-damaged and have heart problems and other medical concerns.

As a matter of fact, my mother told me that there was this nurse that used to speak negative words over my heart rate when it was in a good condition.

Every time she used to speak negatively over my heart rate, it would drop down quickly to a low-level. Then my mother would tell her to go and her and my father would pray over me and it would go back up again.

In spite of what the doctors said and predicted me a low chance of survival, I’m here today a living testimony of God’s grace. Because of the prayers all over the world that had kept me.


I’m now 19 years old, studying Business Management at the university of Derby and I am planning to launch my business within the premature baby sector. This is because I feel that through my story it will encourage others that there is hope no matter how difficult their situation may be.

I also get invited back to Kings College Hospital to share my story and to help encourage the parents and young tots that If I was able to survive, truly you can too with Gods help.

My business “Little MIGHT” will impact hope into premature babies futures. This will consist of clothing that will have words of life such as brave, strong, anointed, blessed, and more. Little tots names will be on them to show that they’re a living testimony.

Looking back at my story I realise that I am truly a miracle to impact hope to others within a similar situation and make a difference. Please feel free to view my website as well my achievements and my upcoming project.

God bless.

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