It Has Its Ups And Downs Being The Only Trumpeter

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It Has Its Ups And Downs Being The Only Trumpeter

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The American trumpet lady is also known as Syreeta Thompson who recently who has been in ministry for over 15 years is also a music educator, who facilitates music masterclasses. In recently releasing her latest album “Evolution Of A Winner” which is available on all digital platforms now, the Billboard charts artist spoke exclusively to me o what it feels like to be the only trumpet lady in Gospel music.


2BReal: When did you first go into music?

TTL: I got into music at the age of nine. My I started on clarinet then switched to trumpet because it was the loudest instrument in the band. lol


2BReal: Who are your top three inspirations in music and why?

TTL: Wynton Marsalis, Bishop Hezekiah Walker, and The Clark Sisters. I love their passion for music and their unstoppable work ethic.


2BReal: Who taught you how to play the trumpet?

TTL: I’ve studied with Bud Herseth of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and William B. Fielder.


2BReal: How did you get the name “Trumpet Lady” and why did you decide to use it as part of branding your ministry?

TTL: One of the tenors in the Love Fellowship Choir used to address and call me Trumpetlady lol.


2BReal: Evolution Of A Winner is an incredible album. What was the purpose of creating an entire album which is creatively balanced to showcase your trumpet?

TTL:  The purpose of Evolution of a Winner is tell the story of a young lady who grew up in a single parent home, raised in the church, with formal training with an odd talent to showcase that you can be different and still make it.


2BReal: There is not a lot of women within the Gospel music industry that has taken playing the trumpet to an album. How has this maximised your ministry in terms of performance?

TTL: Actually, I’m the only trumpeter! Lol, It has had its ups and downs. In gospel music, they consider me a “Jazz” Artist in “Jazz” they consider me a “Gospel” Artist. I say let’s play music and inspire people.


2BReal: What have you learned about yourself through your latest collection of music?

TTL: I’ve learned that I must stay focused and stay true to the art form of music.


2BReal: What would you encourage other artists to focus on if aspiring to create a similar style of music to yours?

TTL: I would encourage them to stay faithful to God, Stay faithful to a local church and most important stay the course.


2BReal: Do you believe being an artist also merges the responsibility of being a minister to the people that engage with your music?

TTL: Absolutley, Your looked upon differently and you are held to a higher standard than most.


2BReal: What is your favourite scripture that gives you comfort, confidence, and composure?

TTL: Nay in all of these things we are more than conquers!

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