It’s Time To Stop Running

Nissey Tee, UK public figure and woman of God literally allowed God to use her for this video. The “Bk Chat” panellist released her latest video for her wake up Wednesday series.

Titled it’s time to stop running, this word of motivational exhortation is to remind you that on the other side of fear is everything you have been asking God for. At times, we can become so caught up in the granular steps of our dreams, we end up prioritising them because we have made a comfortable routine which we have justified as chasing our God-given dreams.

Purpose will always have you feeling out of control at times, but we must always remember that feeling of not having it all together is why your relationship with Christ is so paramount. Lean into Him and maintain a healthy balance of prayer, strategy, structure and discpline.

We have just over two weeks left to go until we see the end of the year out and we know that there is enough time for you to see God show up in your life the way you have asked. The question is, are you ready?

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