John P. Kee – I Made It Out feat. Zacardi Cortez

You are going to make it out of this!


I don’t know who needed to hear this but the Lord wants you to know that you are going to come out whatever it is you have been in stronger than ever than before!


As we go through storms to get to our promises, doubt and anxiety challenge us to think differently to the expected end that God has shared with us. But we must always be confident in His word when He said that the weapons would form, that we are also encouraged to know that He also said that they would not be able to prosper.


Do not let what you are going through break you. You are going to make it out alright. And do you know how we know this? The very fact that the enemy is fighting you right where you are is your indication to keep doing what you are doing. You are closer than you think!

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