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The Struggle is Real: Celibacy, Virginity & Purity

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Lady T

The Struggle is Real: Celibacy, Virginity & Purity

In a world where Christianity is looked upon as a religion and a movement


The Struggle is Real when it comes to celibacy, virginity and purity when it comes to sex.  At times we are looked upon as no better than the world (thank God for His grace and mercy).

What does it really mean to be celibate, and to have purity?

Radio presenter Lady T, the presenter for the Drivetime show at Premier Gospel who brings us the latest in music, news, and entertainment, has begun a new venture titled “Kandid With Lady T“.

Having real conversations topics discussed bi-weekly look at life, love, sex, faith, and more. Whatever it is, she is not the one to shy away from having a real conversation. This episode titled “The Struggle is Real” looks at virginity, purity, and celibacy.

What are the struggles & challenges? Is it harder for men or women to be celibate? With her guests, Ayo Sage, Cherlene Wilson, Triple O, Emma Sijuwade, Toni J G, Nadia Osho-Williams and Tamala Ceasar take a listen and make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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